Benjamin has been in practice for 19 years, treating newborns to the elderly, all who come to me with a wide range of complaints.

The basic premise of his work is that our bodies have the inner capacity to self-correct and heal. This approach arises out of his long and continuing study of anatomy coupled with my training and mentoring by leaders in the field of osteopathy.

Self-healing mechanisms can be overwhelmed by long-held injuries and acute traumas that interfere with one’s own ability to compensate and self-correct. In order to facilitate your well-being, he detects the patterns of restriction in your body, considering the complex inter-relationships found in the restriction patterns. This can involve the connective tissues, organs, skeletal, vascular, and nervous systems.

He uses gentle, specifically applied manual adjustments to restore the elasticity of tissues and circulation of fluids. It is with these precise, anatomically specific manipulations that critical information is offered to your body to restore ease, balance, and optimal functioning to the organism.

His work with you can be both restorative and preventive. It can rebuild the structural integrity of your body, decreasing or eliminating pain and discomfort. His hope, in partnership with you, is to develop and improve your resiliency to illness and injury, and to have a quicker response in recovery.

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