Organ-Specific Palpation and Treatment
Taught by Benjamin Katz
Course Length 4 days :: August 23-26 2012
Location: Berkeley CA 94710
830 Bancroft Way
Cost: $400

Benjamin has studied and assisted on all levels of the Barrall Institute’s Visceral and Neural programs including assisting Dr. Barrall. Benjamin was the co-founder and primary developer of the Barrall Institute’s Visceral Dissection course and has taught anatomy in fresh tissue dissection labs for the last ten years. He brings with him many years of study with Alain Gehin D.O. and familiarity with Body-Mind Centering through study with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Benjamin’s former career was in the visual arts, exhibiting and teaching nationally and internationally.

This workshop integrates the embodied awareness of Body-Mind Centering using grounding, movement, and touch with the cognitive awareness of specific structural anatomy that informs therapeutic approaches as applied to the abdominal organs of the Gut, the deepest parts of ourselves in evolutionary time.

Learn how gently applied techniques to the organs can have far-reaching effects on the proprioceptive information carried by the nervous system to help normalize both acute and chronic conditions throughout the body. By understanding how the hands can see the anatomy, build your confidence in your ability to feel and think in three dimensions. This will develop ease and efficacy in all techniques.

This class will provide anatomically specific manual mapping and palpation skills with treatment techniques for the following organs, their attachments to one another, and their relations to whole body.

• Stomach
• Gall Bladder and Billiary System
• Liver
• Duodenum
• Small Intestine
• Large Intestine
• Peritoneum

The course includes assessment of inherent movement patterns and restrictions of mobility, combined with demonstrations of pre- and post testing to demonstrate the results of treatments.